The NEVE HANNA Children Need YOUR Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 1, 2020

NEVE HANNA CHILDREN’S HOME was founded in 1974. 80 children between the ages of 6 and 18 reside at the children’s home. They come from dysfunctional homes and are severely traumatized. 40 children (8-13 years) attend NEVE HANNA’s daycare program, which is a preventive measure for children from families which have severe problems, but still function somehow as a family. For all of its children, NEVE HANNA, a loving home, offers extensive therapy, remedial teaching and rehabilitation measures as well as an enriching leisure program.

The current situation – Schools are closed, the children are around all day. We have a large compound, but freedom of movement is restricted, so the family living groups must maintain social distance from one another. For traumatized children, a stable daily routine plays an important role, which we in NEVE HANNA try to maintain through a developed emergency program with fixed times for learning and remedial teaching, therapeutic measures, fun and games, but also meals and helping with households chores.

Everyday life is turned upside down. Not only does the school-free morning have to be bridged, but also visits to parents and relatives are impossible. These circumstances are very hard for some of the children to understand. It adds uncertainty to their scary situation.

Needs and remedies during this pandemic created additional cost:

  1. The lack of school increases the workload – additional general care and more extensive support.
  2. Additional on-site, on-line supervisors and specialists where temporally hired for teaching individuals and groups as well as to relieve stress on staff. A rotating staff has also been established. Former staff and Israeli volunteers remain on call, if needed.
  3. The fears, restlessness and uncertainty that the children very intensely experience are attended to by increased therapeutic measures and hiring additional staff.
  4. In order to give every child the attention they deserve as an individual, a coaching program was introduced that supports each child individually and emotionally and at the same time provides and teaches instruments on how to deal with stress and frustration as well as uncertainty.
  5. Leisure activities had to be adapted to the regulations and new leisure activities had to be created in order to enable the children to let off steam.
  6. Since the children cannot visit their families and visits to NEVE HANNA are not allowed, more computers and tablets had to be purchased and existing equipment upgraded, so the children can have contact with parents, siblings and the outside world.
  7. To protect its employees, NEVE HANNA had to purchase necessary protective equipment, created quarantine stations and set up a rotating and thus growing staff.
  8. In addition, the round-the-clock attendance, the transport services, parallel activities for smaller groups and much more cause enormous additional financial burdens.

Consequences for the children who attend the daycare program at NEVE HANNA – They are cut off from leisure activities and school, trapped in their cramped parents’ homes and do no benefit from daily remedial therapeutic programs, while also adding to the economic burdens that their parents face.

NEVE HANNA feels an obligation not only to look after these children, but also their families. Electronic devices have been purchased for these children, so that they connect on-line to therapy and other programs as well as staff and children living at NEVE HANNA.

Thanks to modern technology (zoom internet conference program), everyone will celebrate this holiday week emotionally and spiritually strengthened before it starts.

NEVE HANNA needs YOUR solidarity and YOUR help to master these challenges. Enduring a month in this exceptional situation causes additional costs. Please think of us and contribute as you can.

Many thanks from the children and staff at NEVE HANNA.

Our wishes and blessings for your well being, health and safety.

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