Photography Workshop

Children residing at Neve Hanna as well as those that attend the various daycare programs at Neve Hanna were chosen to participate in a photo workshop that will take place in the fall of 2018.

Equipped with professional cameras as well as smartphone cameras, the children will learn to capture photos – still and moving pictures. They will learn all the technical skills needed for photography, including angles, frames, color, light and darkness, design and positioning, composition, digital processing, and enhancing pictures.  Most importantly, through this project, they will learn how to tell an entire story with just one picture or by a short sequence of frames.

The Neve Hanna children who participate in this program will be exposed to the different roles pictures play in our lives and have an opportunity to express themselves through a new genre and deal with sad experiences, success stories, exceptional events as well as self-presentation and self-image.

This project is part of Neve Hanna´s leisure time enrichment program, but also bears therapeutic aspects of working on personal challenges and individual stories, personal responsibilities as well as cooperation and team work.