B’nai Mitzvah

During the year, the children and Rabbi meet once a week for learning and active experiences about themselves, their community and Am Israel. Our children add relevant Jewish symbols and ideas, and ways to practice their responsibility as adults.

Special trips:

  • The Negev – Know your habitat.
  • Tel Aviv and Jaffa – Old and new, Zionism and building the country.
  • Holon – Being different, tolerance and Tikkun Olam by the ‘Dialog in the Dark’ experience, meeting with a class from the Masorti program of B’nai Mitzvah to youth with disabilities.
  • Eilat – Swimming with the dolphins, the underwater observatory, Kibbutz Ktura.
  • Jerusalem – Confronting your fears – Challenging trip.
  • Jerusalem – The Kotel (Western Wall).

 The Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations in Jerusalem:  The children’s family and guests along with staff members from Neve Hanna are invited to the KOTEL. We enter the children to the egalitarian plaza -“Rechavat Israel” just as you escort a king with the drums, the shofar, singing and dancing. They daven together Shacharit, led by the children.  The Rabbi conducts a TORAH reading service while Bar Mitzvah boys and girls go up to the Torah for the Aliyot.  It is exciting and moving. The children are fully prepared, as families and staff look on with pride.

Following the B’nai Mitzvah, there is a celebration, where the children perform with a special show—a song combination of east and west: The first song is a modern version of MODA ANI from the morning service.  The children added their blessing, which they are thankful for.  The second song is a feminist song which the words teach you to follow your dreams and be faithful to your own wishes and ideology.  The third song is a pop song which the lyrics are changed to a relevant one, singing about being an adult, responsible and mature.

One of the highlights in the celebrations is the traditional HINA service. It’s a Moroccan service (originally celebrated for the new couple before the wedding). The service is an event of symbolic wishes for good health, success, prosperity and happiness. It involves traditional cloths, special sweets, Moroccan cookies and a full table organized with allot of presents.