Graduates Home for Soldiers

Every year, some 4 to 7 teenagers graduate from Neve Hanna and join the Israeli Defense Forces like the rest of their Israeli age group.  Along the years in which we accompanied our graduates, we learned that they find military service very hard and many times decide to dropout.

The military service characteristics of strict discipline, the social challenges and physical strain are hard for any new recruit but are twice as hard for our children as they lack the warm support and encouragement of family.

Hence, we decided to establish a house in Kiryat Gat that serves as a home to the soldiers during weekends and vacations.  A social worker accompanies the soldiers to meetings with their commanding officers, takes care of any needed equipment, sends them packages and relieves them of any worries about bills and payments.

Serving in the IDF is highly regarded in Israel, and the completion of the military service contributes a lot both to the graduates self image and his/her future employment prospects.