secure-donationsApproximately 80 to 100 children live in the therapeutic community of Neve Hanna, where they can heal and thrive. These children live in supportive group houses where they learn to trust in people and in their surroundings. We develop an individual therapeutic and learning program for each child, which might include art or drama therapy, animal-assisted therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, gardening therapy program, as well as remedial academic teaching.

Many older children work in the bakery, where they acquire lifetime vocational and business skills. And all children receive a joyful, egalitarian Jewish education.

Please contribute generously to Neve Hanna so more young Israeli eyes can light up with joy, learning, and physical and emotional health.


Gifts of all sizes are welcome with gratitude. 

Please make checks payable to:
The American Friends of Neve Hanna, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 820, New York, NY 10115