The library will foster a love of reading books and study, provide a new kind of vocational training, instill interpersonal skills and inspire the pursuit of higher education. Our children will gain a love of reading that opens up doors to a world of possibilities!

The library serves as an educational project and a self-support project. There is a professional Librarian to supervise and educate the children and offer on the job training for our teens. This will give the teens the education, experience and job skills to pursue a career in Library Science.

A Library with Many Benefits

foster a love of
study and reading

a library offers so many benefits, especially to children. For those who grew up in homes filled with noisy siblings and distractions from everything from loud music to video games, the library is a place of refuge. It is where kids can go for peace, quiet and a place of discovery. There they discover subjects, authors and their own love of study and reading. They get help from a librarian who guides them in the right direction — just as the house parents and counselors do at Neve Hanna.

provide a new vocational training

Baking has been the key source of vocational training since the early days of Neve Hanna. Our teens are proud to work in the bakery and learn an important craft and the skills of entrepreneurship. Our current master baker is a Neve Hanna graduate! And now we have a library! Our library will not only be a place of learning books, it will be a place of learning about books. Under the tutelage of a professional in library science, they’ll learn to care for and catalog books, and what it takes to become librarians themselves.

instill interpersonal skills

Can children whose early years were scarred by poverty or parental abuse or addiction learn to build the kind of interpersonal skills needed to become productive citizens? We know they can and will. Especially now, when public and school libraries are closed due to the COVID19 lockdown, they will engage in group projects requiring cooperation. They will learn behaviors and tactics needed to interact with others effectively, including listening and communication skills.

inspire the pursuit of higher education

dramatic changes take place in Neve Hanna children. Through our animal and gardening therapies, we see sullen, angry kids learn to express caring and love for nature, for others and for themselves. What will a library inspire them to become? Literally, the sky will be the limit. The books that will be chosen thanks to your donations — may inspire them to pursue studies in biology, education, medicine, astronomy, and a myriad of other subjects, and to continue learning at the university level.

It Begins With One Book…

Which book most inspired you as a child? Was it a novel with unforgettable characters?
A book about horses or science?

A book that inspires a Neve Hanna child to become the next Israeli astronaut or physician, novelist or painter, teacher or social worker, could be one that you buy and donate.

The librarian who guides that child in the direction that changes his or her life could be the one that you have helped to succeed.

Neve Hanna has done so much to empower Israeli children. When you join our campaign, you’ll help us do so much more.

… And You

Thank you! Presently, your contributions have helped purchase over 700 books.

Our goal is to raise $80,000 needed to construct and extend the library in its existing space, fill the shelves with additional books that are timely, important and inspiring, and to professionally staff the library for two years.

We welcome gifts of any size. You may donate, for example, two books for $36 or 100 books for $1800, or a portion or all of any of the gift opportunities listed here:

All materials.
BOOKS: $18,000

Average cost $18 per title, for 1,000 books.
With software to manage the catalog.
LIBRARIAN: $40,000
Full-time to set up the library; then twice weekly, $1700 per month for two years.
Stipend for teenage residents. $410 per year for two years.
TUTOR: $9,850
Weekly story and learning hours for different age groups. 250 hours per year for two years.

Make your online donation today.

If you wish to make a donation by check, mail it to: American Friends of Neve Hanna, PO Box 640685, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364-0685. On check, memo: Library

If you are interested in a named gift, such as sponsoring shelves named in your honor, please email or call American Friends of Neve Hanna office at 347.836.8118.