Therapeutic Programs

The background of the families of the children of Neve Hanna has severely impacted the physical, mental and emotional well-being of these children and caused them to fall behind the developmental stage of their age groups.  For these children, Neve Hanna is a warm and loving home that attends to all their physical, emotional, mental and educational needs.  Furthermore, Neve Hanna strives to enrich the lives of its children with a wide variety of therapeutic programs, and leisure time activities, in order to help them to discover and explore hidden talents and strive to excel.

Neve Hanna’s goal is to help its children in any way possible.  We seek to give them the tools which will allow them to grow up to become independent, self-conscious and responsible adults, who-despite the traumatic experiences they experienced as young children-will be able to lead normative lives, and become fully functioning and contributing members of society.

Neve Hanna provides the children with an individually suited therapy program designed to help each child overcome past issues, learn how to deal with present issues and rehabilitate to ensure smooth assimilation into society in the future.

Therapy through free play:  The therapist offers the child a variety of games that the child can play with. While playing, the child reflects inner and subconscious emotions and conflicts.

Therapy through the Arts:  This type of therapy also offers non-verbal expression of subliminal feelings through painting and sculpting.

Animal-assisted therapy:  Children who fear physical contact make friends with a pet. The warmth and contact help the child non-verbally work through past experiences. In parallel, the pet facilitates child-therapist communication.

In addition, Neve Hanna offers a wide range of other therapies such as music, drama and dance therapy.

Two new therapeutic programs were developed: