There is a special feeling when you enter Neve Hanna on Shabbat…

Shir Shel Yom (The daily psalm) – Each Kabbalat Shabbat begins with a modern Israeli song and a short explanation on an actual figure or event related to the week.  It could be a yahrzeit of a poet, author or an important leader, a special event in the past or in the present.  This part of Shabbat is very important.  It gives the children a better understanding that Jewish tradition is vivid and relevant to their everyday life.  In addition, the Shir shel yom program creates a bridge between the old traditional Jewish literature and the modern Jewish and Israeli literature.

Kabbalat Shabbat and Arvit service – Daven by the Masorti siddur, Va’Ani Tffilati.  After each service, the Rabbi delivers a sermon on the weekly parasha (the weekly portion).

Oneg Shabbat – After Shabbat dinner, everyone sits around the table and accept the Shabbat with special Zmirot (Jewish songs).  In order to enlarge the children’s song arsenal, each year, a new short songbook for their use.

Ha’Chavaya Ha’Yehudit (the Jewish experience) – Every Shabbat morning, the children can participate in a special activity. During the activity,  they daven parts from the shacharit service, play a game, sing songs and have an active quiz on the weekly portion.  Each activity ends with Kiddush and something sweet.

Havdalah – Every Saturday night, they separate from Shabbat in Havdalah.