Remedial Teaching and Enrichment Programs

This is a multi-phase program ensuring scholastic assistance and support for Neve Hanna children from preschool through higher education, aiming to encourage optimal scholastic achievements and provide persistent support.

Basic Learning Skills:  Reading, Reading Comprehension and Writing

Neve Hanna children’s impaired cognitive development stems from years of neglect and abuse.  Their developmental level does not match their chronological age and basic ordinary tasks are beyond their capabilities.  Without proper treatment and care, they will not be able to master basic skills and the cognitive and developmental gap will only grow.

 Special Help through English and Math Lessons

Children who have difficulties in school receive afternoon extra help in English and Math.  We believe that a regular program throughout the school year helps them breach the gaps accumulated, get extra test preparation and experience success in the classroom.

Preparation Lessons for Matriculation Tests

Preparation lessons are given in all subject matters and are incorporated into the afternoon program of Neve Hanna youth.  We attribute great importance to high scholastic achievements and encourage hard learning towards matriculation exams so as to ascertain that Neve Hanna children graduate from high school.

Neve Hanna Children unable to attend high school and have to be offered vocational training

Neve Hanna had to witness that there are children struggling to keep up in school from 10th class on.  Even though they enrolled in Neve Hanna remedial teaching program, they show much more talent for a handcraft or other professions emphasizing manual work of any kind.  To reduce the frustration these children usually experience in school and in order to help them advance in a field they are good in and experience feeling of success, Neve Hanna wants to offer them attending vocational training frameworks allowing them to learn a profession they will be able to build on a livelihood in the future.

Neve Hanna Alumni-Fund for Vocational Training and Academic Studies following Military or National Service

Teenagers who take up academic or vocational studies after years of military or national service usually need some financial support from their families.  Neve Hanna teenagers can often not obtain this type of familial support: some of them begin their lives as independent adults with no home or family, others have a family that cannot provide the support they need.  Neve Hanna Children’s Home, their house and family since an early age, would like to provide the support required for studies, helping them find their way as independent, productive adults in the community.

Occupational Opportunities:  The bakery has become an occupational opportunity for both Neve Hanna youth who dropped out of school and for those who graduated from Neve Hanna. The bakery also serves educational purposes. Children learn to be punctual, to work in a clean and organized environment, to assume responsibility and work on a team. They get positive reinforcement, discover hidden talents and capabilities and live through positive experiences based on their personal achievements, all leading to a boosted self image.