Yeladudes Bakery

The in-house bakery is an integral part of daily life of the children’s home. Founded as an educational project with self-supportive aspects, it offers the children the chance to work at the bakery; from preparing dough to the baking process. They also learn professional aspects of running a business.

At the bakery, children can explore their hidden talents and experience success.  Not only is their self-esteem boosted, but they also learn more about personal and social responsibility, as well as the relevance of self-sufficiency and productivity.  At the same time, they are exposed to professional aspects of baking bread and running a business; from preparing dough to the baking process as well as work routine, time management and marketing.

The Yeladudes Bakery has opened an online store. (Sorry, only available for those in Israel.) Specialty breads, cakes, cookies and crackers as well as Lachish olive oil, green olive spread, artichoke and pesto spread and other special dips. They do gift baskets for every special occasion and create delicious memories at special events. Visit their online store.

Special baked goods that come out of the loving hearts of the children at Neve Hanna.

Interview on Channel 12

The coronavirus pandemic fallout inspired a miniseries, produced by Menachem and Tehiya Horowitz. The Neve Hanna interview aired prime time on July 15, 2020 on Israeli Channel 12. Watch the video to experience the feeling and see the beautiful renovated bakery and the delicious baked goods for sale.

About 35 adult children of Neve Hanna have jobs in the bakery in the afternoons, from a few hours per week up to daily obligations of teenagers.  The money they earn can be spent according to their wishes, yet another learning process of growing up to become responsible adults.  The former children of Neve Hanna employed in the bakery have integrated into different sections of the business, among them a boy named Meni who grew up at Neve Hanna from the age of six on.  Meni left at the age of 18.  Following his army duty, Meni is who now a father of three, returned to work in the bakery and advanced to become the head baker of Yeladudes.  He became a role model for many Neve Hanna children.

The bakery has become an occupational opportunity for both Neve Hanna youth who dropped out of school and for those who graduated from Neve Hanna. The bakery also serves educational purposes. Children learn to be punctual, to work in a clean and organized environment, to assume responsibility and work on a team. They get positive reinforcement, discover hidden talents and capabilities and live through positive experiences based on their personal achievements, all leading to a boosted self image.

Along the years, the bakery has answered and won many tenders, among others to supply pastries for the business class of “El Al”, Israel’s national airlines. Learn more about their teaching bakery at

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