Ziv Neurim

The Path of the Sea program works with 30 teenage boys and girls in need of intensive support in this phase of their teen development. Professionally guided group activities on the beach and in the sea are offered through topics such as perseverance, mastering challenges and personal willpower. The youngsters discover new worlds by swimming and rowing, surfing and sailing.

Teen Program Elements and Benefits

Ziv Neurim will empower our youth at risk, enabling them to grow and realize their potential. We will be using educational activities in the challenging environment of the sea which boost their personal and social skills, integrate them into a social and educational group framework, impart the values of good citizenship and active involvement in the community and the preservation of nature and the quality of the environment.

Under the guidance of a skilled marine training team, and our social workers, Isheh and Michal, Ziv Neurim’s approach in its Path of the Sea program is based on strengthening teen self-image, building up their ability to cope with stressful situations, creating positive experiences and encouraging them to persevere and cope with obstacles.

The Core Elements:
Personal coping
Personal responsibility
Physical fitness
Self reliance
Team work
Facing fears and challenges
Overcoming obstacles and experiencing success

The Educational Program

Each element is implemented via a series of values expressed in the marine activity, using the range of sea craft, such as kayaks, SUPs (standup paddle boarding), surfing and windsurfing, sailing and diving.

The connection with the sea and development of expertise in handling small sea-craft instils values and enhances their abilities and skills, with a positive effect on their studies, their national service and their future working careers.

This exciting high spirited marine activities program is offered by the non-profit association Ziv Neurim which was founded in the year 2000 by ex-members of the Israeli elite Naval Commando Unit in memory of Ziv Levy, a fellow commando who fell in the line of duty.

“One of the girls was terrified of the sea. There was no persuading her to overcome this fear. We just waited until she was ready. An hour later, she joined the surfing group, in the water. She did not know that she could handle her fear and enjoy the sea. The bonding I experienced with this group was stronger than any former time.”
– Michal Saidi, Neve Hanna senior staff for 21 years