Hiddur Mitzvah Project

American Friends would like to include you in our new Hiddur Mitzvah Project as we replace and rededicate the mezuzahs on all the door posts at Neve Hanna.  During the Art Therapy program, the children will be learning ceramic techniques and will be making all the mezuzot, needed at both campuses.  Rabbi Liron Levy will be enhancing this project by teaching the children about the SH’MA prayer and the significance of it in the mezuzah.

In appreciation for your participation in the Hiddur Mitzvah Project, you will receive a duplicate mezuzah as the one you donated.   

With your generous donation and support, our children will continue to grow and develop, and be accomplished, successful young adults.  We hope you will be inspired to send a contribution in recognition of our shared dedication to building a bright future for the children of Neve Hanna.

You may download and print the form.  Please make checks payable to American Friends of Neve Hanna.

All charge cards are accepted on our website:  afnevehanna.org   Click on DONATE and charge using PayPal.  All donations are tax deductible.  AFNH is a 501C tax exempt organization.

Door Posts:

Front Entrance Gate – $5,000

Synagogue – $1,800

Social Hall – $1,800

Bakery – $1,800

Kitchen – $1,800

Special Program Center  – $1,800

Sandy’s Greenhouse – $1,000

Petting Zoo – $1,000

Music Room – $1,000

Teen Lounge – $1,000

Daycare Center – $1,000

Shelters – $1,000

House Keeping Office – $500

Security Office – $500

Staff Offices – $500

Flat (Apartment) Entrance – $500

Volunteer Quarters Entrance – $500

Guest House Individual Rooms – $360

Rosh Pina Rooms – $360

Individual Rooms within Flat (Apartment) – $360

Volunteer Quarters Individual Rooms – $360