Jewish Heritage and Tzedaka

In order to help Neve Hanna children and youth develop a strong personal identity and assimilate into Israeli society, we have developed a special program that teaches them about Jewish heritage.  Children learn to pray before and after meals, join Shabbat prayers and take part in planning, preparing and celebrating Jewish holidays on the note of the traditions related to them.

A special yearly event revolves around the B’nai Mitzvah celebration.  Neve Hanna Children’s Home employs a Rabbi who teaches the children Torah reading, putting on Tefillin and the values and responsibilities related to passage into adulthood according to Judaism.  Each Jewish holiday is celebrated at Neve Hanna with special activities for the children including playful and fun religious learning experiences.  In addition, trips to the holy sites and museums combine study with fun and practical experience.

Furthermore, some children of Neve Hanna participate in the youth movement, Noam, in order to intensify a connection with a community outside of our city, to meet children outside the framework of the children’s home and the schools in Kiryat Gat and enable them together a meaningful joint experience furthering playful learning of Jewish values.

Tzedaka:  One of the central values of Judaism is Tzedaka, or Jewish charity.  Our teens  and older children learn to live by this value through their work at the in-house bakery.  10% of their wages, or pocket money earned at the bakery is put aside for Tzedaka.  Children then use the money collected to buy food items that they package and anonymously leave at the door of poor Kiryat Gat families before Shabbat.  Children learn the value of giving and helping less fortunate people.  They realize that hard work pays off not only because it leads to an independent, self-sufficient life, but also because it gives a person the option to live a virtuous life that involves contributing to the community.

This project includes:

  • Part-time employment of a Rabbi
  • Additional staff for Shabbat services and holiday activities
  • Celebration of holidays
  • Teaching material
  • Expenses for trips to religious sites and museums
  • Supervision of the Tzedaka project
  • Participating in youth movement activities, Noam
  • Special expenses for the B’nai Mitzvah project