Leisure Activities and Cultural Enrichment

Neve Hanna Children’s Home offers its children not only a home where all of their physical, emotional and educational needs are cared for, but also ensures that they become independent, responsible and conscientious adults who, despite traumatic experiences in early childhood, lead normative and self-sustaining lives.  Within this framework, Neve Hanna offers a variety of leisure time activities as well as cultural enrichment program:

  • Physical education by a part-time employed sports teacher offering classes in the following fields: athletics, soccer and basketball.
  • Participation in courses offered in sports and community centers in the area, such as martial art, different team sports and marathon.
  • Diverse courses adjusted to different age groups, like cooking, jewelry making, photography and pottery.
  • Outings to theater plays, musical performances, museums, adventure parks and trips in nature.
  • Necessary equipment is purchased such as, for example, sports clothing, bikes, roller blades, games, films and more.

Summer camps:  Three intensive weeks of studying and fun (including regular visits to swimming pool facilities, field trips, adventure parks, museums, therefore also include travel expenses) in July:  $40,000 once a year.