Art Therapy

Theory:  Art is a very effective expression tool for children who cannot verbally express their problems or describe the experiences they’ve been through. This therapy tool is based upon two basic assumptions: that the creative process enables improvement and relief of the existing symptoms, and on the other hand the artistic creation is a psycho-therapeutic process that deals with the origin of the symptoms.

In art therapy there is no importance to the quality of the artwork. The therapy treats each “artwork” as a basis for the therapy work and does not assess its level of quality. Thus, the children being treated in art therapy need not be with special skills or talent.

Art Therapy ProjectThe Healing Potential:  The artistic work enables the children to create a direct means of communication. The work is personal in its nature, and each child works in a creation field he feels more related to. The children choose whether to sculpt, paint, play music and more. The artistic creation opens a window to the souls of children who do not express themselves verbally, and the work with therapeutic tools, as well as contact with paint, clay, fabrics, musical instruments and more are considered therapeutic by themselves.

Art therapy makes the children very relaxed and it is not intimidating or pressuring. In addition, the child learns that they can create something with their own hands. It is a positive and healthy experience, which contributes to the understanding and raising their self esteem and image. In addition, their identity is developed and consolidated in time.