Buy a Book, Build a Library!

Give the Gift of Books!

Neve Hanna friend and AFNH board member Margie Miller is giving back in a meaningful way by lending her October 22nd birthday to help raise money to buy books for the new library being built for the children at Neve Hanna Children’s Home in Kiryat Gat, Israel.

Help us celebrate and honor Margie’s birthday now by making a donation of $10.00 to the Buy a Book, Build a Library Campaign in her name to American Friends of Neve Hanna. Margie will match the first 50 books bought at $10 a book.

Co-President Janet Tobin has kicked off the fundraiser by donating $100.00 for 10 books. Staff members Lisa Pollack and Marilyn Noble have each pledged to donate $50.00 for 5 books.

If everyone will donate, we can begin filling bookcases. Every book will include a bookplate with a donor’s name. The children will be excited to see that friends around the world donated the book that they are holding in their hands. 

Please share the fundraiser with your family, friends and community. Spread the word that American Friends of Neve Hanna is raising funds to buy books for the new library at the Children’s Home. If you would like to make a $10.00 donation, Margie will match the first 50 books bought at $10.00 a book. We will graciously accept larger donations from those who are able to do so. Donations of all sizes are welcome with gratitude.

For those of you on social media, Margie’s birthday fundraiser will also be running on Facebook from October 14 until October 31. Please share the fundraiser with your online/social media community.

You may also make a donation by check in honor of Margie Miller. Make the check out to American Friends of Neve Hanna and under memo, indicate “Library”. Send it to: American Friends of Neve Hanna, PO Box 640685, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364-0685.

Margie’s fundraiser will be the gateway to other fundraisers for the Library including our big December 1st Giving Tuesday campaign – Buy a Book, Build a Library!  Our goal is to raise funds to fill all the bookcases for the Neve Hanna library and give the gift of books so that every child and young adult at Neve Hanna will find books that they want to read. Keep an eye out for our Giving Tuesday campaign as we begin early promotions on social media. Further details to follow.

The children and staff of Neve Hanna thank you for your love and support. By giving the gift of books, you help make a difference in the lives of our children.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at or 347-836-8118.