Janet and Irwin Tobin Honored

Janet and Irwin Tobin HonoredJanuary 31, 2018, Tel Aviv – Janet and Irwin Tobin were included among other esteemed honorees at the 40th Anniversary of the Masorti Movement.

Janet and Irwin were recognized for their dedication and contributions through their work at American Friends of Neve Hanna supporting the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being, sponsoring the Jewish learning B’nei Mitzvah program, fostering Neve Hanna’s connection with the Noam Youth Movement and the Tali Educational Fund, as well as a plethora of other activities associated with the Masorti Movement.

Go to www.afnevehanna.org to learn more about the remarkable programs and projects that they continue to establish at American Friends!  Mazel Tov, Janet and Irwin!


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