Path to Bread

Neve Hanna does not only consider it its duty to care for all the needs of the children, but also to help the children to keep in contact with their parents, regardless of the situation at their home, and try to improve the relationship.  Even though Neve Hanna had to step into the role of a functioning home due to the fact that the families are considered dysfunctional, a mother and a father are an integral and most important part of the life of each child and they have, no matter what, an influence on the well-being, development and identity of the child.

Neve Hanna believes the rehabilitation of the relationship of parents and children enhances the self-esteem of the parents (and thereby improves their functioning), and also contributes to a new positive development of the child.  Furthermore, the fact that both sides experience that Neve Hanna respects them,  strives to improve their well-being as well as their relationship, contributes to the standing and the integrity of Neve Hanna, and thereby widens the platform of trust invested in the children’s home.

Against this background, Neve Hanna developed a unique program designed as a baking workshop for children and parents aiming at the following aspects:

  • Improving the interaction as well as the communication between child and parent and thereby improving their relationship in general.
  • Boosting self-esteem of children and their parents by positive experiences and literally touching success-our bread looks perfect, it tastes wonderful, that is the product our hands and cooperation.
  • Discovering hidden talents and excel.
  • Learning to live up to responsibilities.
  • Experiencing teamwork and learn to fulfill team obligations.
  • Learning that persistency pays off.
  • Finding that certain skills one learns can be converted to other fields and positively influence different aspects of daily life.

During bi-weekly meetings for a period of ten months, children and their parents not only learn the art of baking bread and pastries, but are also introduced to ingredients, nutrition matters and healthy diet.  Together, they learn about work instruments and learn different skills related to dough preparation, baking process, decoration, storage and packing.  Each meeting includes theoretical learning and practical work, so the participants leave in the end with a product as the fruit of their hands work as well as sheets for a handbook with facts, reminders and recipes.  Experts give lectures and professional instructions, the staff of the bakery introduces the practical work processes and social workers, who organized the meetings, interject the emotional and therapeutic process.

The work stations installed in our in-house bakery were funded by the Swiss friends of Neve Hanna, who also contributed to the first year of activity of this workshop project (2016-2017).  In the first round, six children with their mothers are involved.  In 2018, we expanded the number of participants ultimately including not only Jewish families but Muslim-Bedouin families and thereby contributing to further to Neve Hanna’s efforts and projects to promote peaceful coexistence and a shared community.