Torah Project

Perpetuating the Torah, transmitting it from generation to generation, is a basic tenet of our tradition. We have dedicated ourselves to encourage the children at Neve Hanna to embrace our Jewish heritage through a commitment to study, ma’asim tovin (the performance of good deeds), and mitzvot (the fulfilling of the commandments). This will give our children a strong sense of self and become accomplished and successful. At this time, we are very pleased to invite you to participate in a special project of American Friends of Neve Hanna designed to realize that commitment in a very tangible way.

The 613th mitzvah, according to the sages, is derived from the verse in D’varim “… Write yourselves this song, and teach it to all the Children of Israel.” This is Mitzvat Torah, the commandment that obligates every Jew to write a Jewish scroll.

And so we are! Co-Presidents Janet and Irwin Tobin, recited the formal declaration making Sofer Hannah Klebansky our shaliah (representative) to write a Sephardic Torah scroll for the children of Neve Hanna. YOU too can join by sponsoring letters, words, names, or various segments of the text.  The special significance of writing a Torah, is that every ot (letter), milah (word), pasuk (verse), parashah (weekly portion), sefer (book), and shem (name) in the Torah will be sponsored by the friends of the Children of Neve Hanna.  Our children will proudly be able to study, read from and carry their own Sefer Torah.

When will the Neve Hanna Torah Project be completed?

The finished sefer Torah will be used for the first time at the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony in 2022. 

Where will the Neve Hanna Torah reside? 

In the Aron Kodesh at the synagogue at Neve Hanna Children’s Home, where it will be used on a regular basis by the boys and girls who will be Israel’s Jewish educators and lay leaders of tomorrow.

How will the proceeds from the Neve Hanna Torah Project be utilized?

With its successful therapeutic programs, leisure time activities and projects, Neve Hanna Children’s Home strives to meet all the physical, emotional, mental and educational needs of its children.

This project will also enable us to fund: 

  • Psychological services
  • State of the art therapies
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Social workers
  • Special tutors
  • Religious instruction
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Holiday outings
  • Birthday parties
  • Services of a rabbi who educates and guides the children in their spiritual development
  • Maintenance and development of the campus…and so much more!

How can you become a part of the Neve Hanna Torah?

To participate in this unique opportunity, please fill in the form and return it to the AFNH office.  Choose words, or sentences, or whole chapters to be inscribed in the Torah scroll. This is an especially meaningful way to commemorate a special occasion, such as a birth or a bar/bat mitzvah, or to memorialize a loved one.  Then, plan to  celebrate with us at the Siyum HaTorah.

How can you choose an appropriate phrase?

According to our tradition, each letter of the Torah is infused with holiness, so every letter is worthy of selection.  However, some passages may be personally meaningful; names, places, or events in the Torah may be significant to you and your loved ones.  If you would like assistance with your selection, call the American Friends of Neve Hanna office at 347-836-8118 or email us at and they will be directed to Rabbi Joseph A. Brodie, Rabbi Ellen Wolitz-Fields,  Rabbi Michael Greenbaum or Rabbi Jill Kreitman. They will be delighted to help you.

Please make check payable to: American Friends of Neve Hanna.

Return form and check to:  American Friends of Neve Hanna, PO Box 640685, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364-0685

Credit Card payment: Click on “Donate Now” button above to make your credit card payment and be sure to fill out and mail the form with your selections to us.