Path to Bread

The Path to Bread is a road to success!

With its third year of “The Path to Bread” comes huge success.  We have seen the static behavioral pattern change and improve between the children and their parents.

Three years ago, Neve Hanna Children’s Home developed a unique program designed as a baking workshop for children and parents aiming at the following aspects:

  • Improving the interaction as well as the communication between child and parent and thereby improving their relationship in general.
  • Boosting self-esteem of children and their parents by positive experiences and literally touching success-our bread looks perfect, it tastes wonderful, that is the product our hands and cooperation.
  • Discovering hidden talents and excel.
  • Learning to live up to responsibilities.
  • Experiencing teamwork and learn to fulfill team obligations.
  • Learning that persistency pays off.
  • Finding that certain skills one learns can be converted to other fields and positively influence different aspects of daily life.

This enriching therapeutic program helps the parent and child begin dialogue, thus allowing them to understand one another better. The Path to Bread contributes a great deal not only to a better healthier relationship between parent and child, but also to the healthy growth of the child.  Currently we have three such groups, in which children residing at Neve Hanna as well as children visiting the daycare centers participate.

Neve Hanna Children’s Home — Changing Children’s Lives!

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