Neve Hanna young leadership helps families in need!

Sachi Activities, our Sayeret Chesed Yechudit, the teenager welfare club helps families in need throughout Kiryat Gat.

Teenagers of Neve Hanna participate in this group, committing to activities and setting examples of young leadership activism. The aim of the group is:

  • Instill social values in the participants, tolerance, mutual respect, giving and sharing, friendship and the power people have, if they stick together and act as a group.
  • Do good deeds for others, especially people in need.
  • For the children of Neve Hanna, themselves defined as in-need, that means: To learn what it means to be on the other side: Not receiving, but giving.

From the therapeutic point of view, participation in the Sachi group at Neve Hanna means, to help the teenagers grow in a healthy way and to strengthen their self-esteem.

The group of about 15 teenagers currently involved in Sachi meets twice a week.  Once a week in order to buy groceries for families in-need in Kiryat Gat. They take care of all the logistics and the planning, the purchase, the packing of the parcels with basic food supplies as well as the distribution. Over major holidays, like Rosh HaShana and Passover, they begin a much bigger campaign, encouraging participation of the other children, as well as the staff of Neve Hanna.  Through donations and packing for such holidays, they supply about 120 families in need.

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