The Teenage Project: Girls Striving For Success!

Michal, a therapist, accompanies the teen group to all their meetings and therapy sessions. Working with Michal and the teenagers is a young lady, Bat-El, who grew up at Neve Hanna Children’s Home and is working as a Group Leader. She and her husband met as young children at Neve Hanna and began dating as teens. The couple and their two lovely children live on the premises at Neve Hanna

Bat-El is a vital example, an excellent, beautiful role model for the girls participating in the teenage group. She is a success story.  The Teenage Group holds meetings while the girls prepare dinner. This togetherness is of utmost importance. Conversations pop up quite naturally and cover very pertinent personal issues.  The girls also meet monthly with women personnel from Hewlett Packard, either on campus or at Hewlett Packard. They instill social and professional skills. Hewlett Packard stresses that with education and desire they could accomplish success in whatever the girls choose for themselves. There should be no need to settle.

Neve Hanna Children’s Home is changing children’s lives!  www,

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