Sandy's Greenhouse

Our Planet, Our Future

Every day is earth day at the Neve Hanna Children’s Home in Israel.  Through education, our children learn there are many things they can do to help improve and protect the earth.

Through the Horticultural Therapy program, our children learn where their fruit and vegetables come from, as well as how much effort, care and natural resources are needed to have them in the end, on our plates.

Over a year ago, our children were involved in our greenhouse project, when we soon realized that we should explore gardening/horticultural therapy for the mental and physical well-being of our children and teenagers.  The children began learning many skills, and appreciate the importance of nurturing their environment and the planet.  While planting and gardening trees and plants, they learned that trees provide food and oxygen.  They help save energy, clean and detoxify the air and help combat climate change.

Together we are changing children’s lives and improving the environment.  Our planet, our future.

Go to to learn more about our children and the remarkable projects and programs we continue to establish.

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