By Judith Preger-Reshef, Librarian

We are happy to report that 1,075 brand new beautiful books fill the shelves at the Neve Hanna Library. Out of that number, 642 are children’s books, 191 are English books, and 242 are for our teens and adults. Presently, we are looking to add an additional 120 to 200 books. They will consist of new publications, mainly in Hebrew and some in English. We also want to include approximately 50 books in Arabic for our Bedouin-Muslim children who participate in the Path to Peace program.

In August 2022, after summer camp ended, the children were introduced to the library. All 120 children of Neve Hanna were present and met with me, as I explained how they can borrow books. I also gave them a taste of what is to come, along with the books and exciting programs waiting for them in the new school year beginning September 1st.

Special events include presentations by book writers, to help raise the children’s awareness and curiosity for the library and its books and to enhance their excitement of exploring the love of reading.

As a thanks to our donors, Neve Hanna plans an event with Janet and Irwin Tobin, co-presidents of the American Friends, the official sponsor of the library.

Learn more about the Neve Hanna Library and how you too can make a difference and be a part of it.

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