April 4th was the dedication for the new Neve Hanna Sephardic Torah, donated by the American Friends. The atmosphere was permeated with overwhelming excitement from everyone on the campus: children, staff, volunteers and guests that included many from (AFNH Co-Presidents) Janet and Irwin Tobin’s family. The children lined up eagerly waiting for their turn to hand over a Shekel, their donation for choosing a letter to be scribed in the Torah. Quill in hand, Rabbi Hanna Klebansky, sat on the stage that was erected on the basketball field for this momentous event. Each flat waited patiently to be called up. Every child placed their hand over the Scribe’s hand as she wrote their letter.

Finally, Janet and Irwin Tobin, were called up to write the last two words in the Torah, honoring their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

As the Scribe penned the final words, the Shehecheyanu was recited – so, so moving. Cheers of mazel tov and thank you were loudly shouted as the Torah was placed in its case. The Tobins’ grandson, Avi, lifted it and began the procession with everyone singing “Seman tov and mazel tov” plus many other songs. There was dancing all along the decorated field to the synagogue culminating in placing the Torah into the Eron Kodesh (arch). Every single person danced and sang.

Rabba Liron led a short and sweet service including three of the B’nai Mitzvah children who read a portion in their Torah. In conclusion, a massive, elaborate and delicious buffet and BBQ was enjoyed. The children are so proud of their Torah. The children and all who attended will remember this event all their lives.

On behalf of the children of Neve Hanna, we thank you for your love, support and participation in the TORAH PROJECT. Together, we change children’s lives.

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