Miri Schwab Mitzvah Project

Miri Schwab

Hi, my name is Miri Schwab. For my Bat Mitzvah project, I have chosen Neve Hanna Children’s Home in Kiryat Kat, Israel. I am doing this because I feel that raising money for social awareness is important and that everybody should have equal opportunities in life.

Please consider donating to this children’s non-profit organization to help me achieve my goal of $3,600 and to better the lives of the Neve Hanna children in need. 

Thank you for donating to my Mitzvah Project!

What is the Neve Hanna Children’s Home?

Neve Hanna Children’s Home in Kiryat Gat, Israel, for 50 years has provided a loving home for children who sadly have been scarred by poverty, abuse, parental mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction in the home. They are the children of Russian, Ethiopian, Middle Eastern immigrants and native-born Israelis. Neve Hanna is not an institution. In fact, it is recognized under the Masorti Movement as a Kehilla, a warm loving community that inspires growth. These at-risk youth come to Neve Hanna where their physical, emotional and educational needs are addressed. Neve Hanna Children’s Home gives the children individual therapy, remedial instruction and extensive enrichment leisure time programs. This nurturing, loving, supportive therapeutic environment gives the children the opportunity to heal, thrive and grow from the circumstances from which they emerged. Neve Hanna aims to instill in its children, a sense of self-worth and an attachment to Jewish Tradition and values.

The Playground Project

Miri Schwab will be raising funds for The Playground Project. After 18 years of being well used, the playground equipment for the younger children is no longer safe and had to be shut down. Playgrounds help lay the foundation for the physical and mental development of our at-risk youth, improving and promoting their wellness.

Neve Hanna is in need of new safer equipment:

– Flexible ground padding for the playground

– Slides

– Monkey Bars

– Swings

– Jungle Gym/Climbing Gym

If you prefer sending a check, reference under memo:
Miri Schwab Mitzvah Project

Mail your check to:
American Friends of Neve Hanna
PO Box 640685
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364-0685

Let’s build something together.

Questions: Contact us below with a message.

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