Remedial Teaching

Due to their personal problems, Neve Hanna children need special professional care. Their scholastic achievements are equally important and so are values, manners and appropriate conduct. Many children suffer from developmental and behavioral problems leading, among others to scholastic difficulties. Children who need extra help with school work, get assistance in order to close gaps and ensure that they successfully finish school – the key to their future success in adult life. Additionally, they are offered an enrichment program teaching them basic concepts they have not learned at home.

Occupational Opportunities:  The bakery has become an occupational opportunity for both Neve Hanna youth who dropped out of school and for those who graduated from Neve Hanna. The bakery also serves educational purposes. Children learn to be punctual, to work in a clean and organized environment, to assume responsibility and work on a team. They get positive reinforcement, discover hidden talents and capabilities and live through positive experiences based on their personal achievements, all leading to a boosted self image.