At Neve Hanna, the road to knowledge begins with a turn of a page

It has been a challenging time for the children of NEVE HANNA due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When it was necessary to make significant changes in the children’s daily routines and keep the campus virus-free, NEVE HANNA relied on the resilience and tenacity of its director and staff.

NEVE HANNA has been working diligently. We provided the funds to keep the venues for teaching, activities and projects functioning—and thus continue to feed every child’s self-worth and fulfill their needs for creativity, freedom and fun. We also funded additional teachers and staff to help with the homeschooling that’s been needed.

COVID-19 did not stop us. In the face of this new reality, our Buy a Book, Build a Library campaign was born. Our campaign goal is to raise the essential funds to Build a Library, fill it with a 1,000 books and staff it professionally. It is our hope that you will join us by participating in this extraordinary campaign to help Build a Library for the children of NEVE HANNA. We’re sure you agree that the road to knowledge begins with a turn of a page. Learning to love reading and to love reading itself is essential to the success of NEVE HANNA children.

A library offers so many benefits, especially to children. For those who grew up in homes filled with many siblings and distractions from everything from loud music to video games, the library is a place of refuge. It is where kids can go for peace, quiet and a place of discovery. There, they discover subjects and authors and their own love of study and reading. They get help from a librarian who guides them in the right direction—just as the house parents and counselors at NEVE HANNA CHILDREN’S HOME.

The NEVE HANNA Library will have many benefits: Foster a love of study and reading, provide a new kind of vocational training, instill interpersonal skills and inspire the pursuit of higher education.

Which book most inspired you as a child? Was it a novel with unforgettable characters? A book about horses or science?

The books that will be chosen will inspire them to pursue studies in biology, education, medicine, astronomy and a myriad of other subjects, and to continue learning at the university level. A book that inspires a NEVE HANNA child to become the next astronaut or physician, novelist or painter, teacher or social worker, could be one that you buy and donate. The librarian who guides that child in the direction that changes his or her life could be the one that you have helped to succeed.  Your participation in the Library Campaign will help make a difference in the lives of the children. When you buy a book, you’ll help build a library—-and empower the children for a better future.

NEVE HANNA can be proud to see success regarding the education of our children. Eight former children are now regular staff members and six of them took on academic studies. A new achievement – we never had so many former children advancing to higher education. A major contribution to this field of utmost importance to NEVE HANNA is the establishment of the Library.

NEVE HANNA has done so much to empower its children. When you join our campaign, you’ll help us do so much more. Thanks to you, our children will gain a love of reading that opens up doors to a world of possibilities.

The staff and volunteers have been hard at work building and constructing the new Library for the children. The volunteers give so much of themselves to every task and project at NEVE HANNA. We are thankful for all they do.  We look forward to an exciting grand opening of the Library planned for World Book Day, April 23.

Go to to learn more about the NEVE HANNA Library or if you wish to participate in the campaign. NEVE HANNA CHILDREN’S HOME is changing children’s lives.

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