By Margie Miller

There are parts of our lives that are complicated. They don’t all need to be. For instance, there are many opportunities for Tzedakah that are worthy of our attention. Yet one easily stands out — giving to Neve Hanna.

Here are three easy ways for congregations and or individuals that could help change the lives of the Neve Hanna children.

1- In the spirit of Rosh Hashana, consider how new beginnings can be manifested. In many ways each child at Neve Hanna is given the opportunity of a new beginning. They are honored from the moment they arrive. Honor that new life with a Chai donation. Appreciating all you have this holiday season. Look to the children of Neve Hanna.

2- Add Neve Hanna to your Giving Tuesday list of Charities. Donate $5, donate $10, donate $100 or more, Just donate! Giving Tuesday, November 29, is a perfect time and opportunity to remember this special place.

3- Buy a Book: Books change lives! The books in the newly built library cost $18. Every congregation could buy one book. Every book club could buy one book. The Tzedakah box from morning or evening minyans could buy one book. One mitzvah cake at one Sisterhood meeting could buy one book. Just pick one! Just buy one book! (Or more if you’d like).

This Masorti children’s home and school, services the needs of at-risk youth. They are the children of Russian, Ethiopian, Middle Eastern immigrants and native-born Israelis. Neve Hanna strives to enrich its children with a wide variety of individualized therapeutic programs and extracurricular activities while providing a nurturing and supportive family environment. Through the residential life counselors, teachers, friendships, therapies and religious training, the children grow into independent, self-sufficient, emotionally healthy and productive members of Israeli society. Every donation you make will make a
difference in the lives and future of each child.

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