Teenage Empowerment

By Lisa Pollack

Neve Hanna is home to teenagers who grew up in dysfunctional homes with poor examples of earning a living or business initiatives. Neve Hanna Children’s Home offer supportive teenage empowerment programs that, provide the teens with the necessary tools, education and communication and skills to enable them to live a healthy adult life and opportunities for a bright future.

American Friends of Neve Hanna sponsors many programs that empower our teens to grow beyond the circumstances from which they emerged. NH aims to instill in its teens, a sense of self-worth and empower them to go on to build successful careers.

Yeladudes Bakery is an integral part of daily life of the children’s home. Founded as an educational project with self supportive aspects, it offers the teens the chance to work, part-time after school at the bakery. They are exposed to the professional aspects of running a business.

Streetlight teaches the teens that they can help make a difference to others. The teens plan, fundraise, purchase and pack parcels of food supplies for families in need within the Kiryat Gat Community. Streetlight’s motto: “The best thing in the world is to do good deeds for others.”

Ziv Neurim program works with 30 teenagers in need of intensive developmental support. Professionally guided group activities on the beach and in the sea are offered that focus on topics such as perseverance, mastering challenges and personal willpower. The youngsters discover new worlds while swimming, rowing, surfing and sailing.

The Library Project serves as self-support and educational project. This rewarding opportunity will give the teens the education, experience and job skills to pursue a career in Library Science. Under the tutelage of our librarian, Judith Preger-Reshef, the children will learn to care for and catalog books and all it takes to become librarians themselves. She will help guide the teens in the direction that could change his or her life and help lay the groundwork for a successful future.

Young Business Leadership Program, a new program that will begin in the fall.

The Young Leadership Organization (YLO) was established as a pilot project in 2013. Today, it has grown significantly with 24 active groups working. NH will include a group of teenagers in this program.
Currently, our Director, Itzik Bohadana, along with our psychologists, will evaluate which teenagers will most profit by participating in this program.

The program will create the base for our teenagers to get acquainted with the ethics of earning a living toward pursuing their dreams in the world of business. Two of our former high school seniors received an internship at Hewlett-Packard, learned 3D printing and went on to work in a special printing unit in the IDF and then moved into an apprenticeship with Hewlett-Packard to become industrial printing engineers.

For information about sponsorship for this new teen empowerment program or any of the other programs that American Friends sponsor, contact Lisa Pollack at info@afnevehanna.org or 347-836-8118.

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