The Library is a Treasure

We are pleased to let you know that the library is a full success. Once a week, each family group has a set time to come and borrow new books and return finished books. We see that they are really into it and take advantage of this opportunity. Proof of that was also our Sukkot event. Usually, we present at this celebration friends of NEVE HANNA from the past to keep their memory alive. During the first weeks following the opening of the library, it became clear that the children – besides the books – show an interest in the authors. So, this year for Sukkot, we asked each family to pick a new book they recommend to add to the library and do a little research about the author. We wanted them to present their recommendation as well as a short bio of the author at our festive Sukkot celebration. It was a wonderful, lively evening and each group did very well, contributing in a festive atmosphere to a playful learning process for all.

Currently, we add additional books to the library. Thanks to Americans, who made Aliyah, we will start English conversation circles to assist our teenagers to read English books, of which we have plenty in our library. In addition, we will organize from time to time story telling hours and other events preferably with authors, which will be thrilling for our children following their in-depth Sukkot experience.

Thank you to our family, friends and community for your continuous love and support of the Neve Hanna Library.

If you would like to learn more about the Library or make a donation, go to

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