Neve Hanna

Neve Hanna: The Year 2022 In Review!

American Friends of Neve Hanna is grateful for your continuous love and support. We take a look back on the year 2022 to see how your contributions made an impact at Neve Hanna Children’s Home.

Our Co-Presidents Janet and Irwin Tobin were in Israel last year from February through June. It gave them the opportunity to have meetings with Neve Hanna Director, Itzik Bohadana, PR & Promotion Director, Antje Naujoks, Rabba Liron Levy and other staff members.

It was another exciting and eventful year at Neve Hanna. Janet and Irwin were thrilled to celebrate with the children at the Purim Carnival, decorated with Disney theme festivities, fun and fanfare.

They were excited to be at the Dedication of our new Sephardic Torah, a special Torah Project sponsored by the American Friends of Neve Hanna. They joined the Yom Hashoah, Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut programs as well.

A yearly special on May 26th, celebrated the B’nai Mitzvah of 6 girls and 4 boys as they were called to the Torah for their Aliyah Ha Torah and each child read their portion from their new Torah.

Torah Dedication! Siyum HaTorah!

The new Sephardic Sefer Torah Scroll will reside at the synagogue at Neve Hanna, where it will be used on a regular basis by the boys and girls who will be Israel’s Jewish educators and lay leaders of tomorrow.

Toda Raba! On behalf of the children, thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the Torah Project.

Summer fun and festivities!

During summer camp, we had three weeks filled with learning, playing and fun, fun, fun. In coordination with the Neve Hanna Leadership and the Children’s Council, Maya Amir, Coordinator for Educational and Cultural Affairs, created a schedule for each week, planning every day from morning to evening. She coordinated swimming pool visits at different facilities in Kiryat Gat. Her exceptional organizational skills were needed to implement a daytrip for the entire children’s home to an event park. Her creative mind let her introduce themes for playful, yet educational activities. The Israeli volunteers supervise many activities. Looking at the schedule, an amazing variety of themes, indoor as well as outdoor activities catch the eye – from movie nights to baking workshops, from learning about Israel’s nature to water games.

All projects feed every child’s self-worth and need
for creativity, freedom and fun!

The LIBRARY is a great success! The space has been completed. 1,075 brand new books fill the shelves at the Neve Hanna Library – 642 children’s books, 191 English books, and 242 books are for our teens and adults. Many additional diverse books are being purchased by our Librarian, Judith Preger-Reshef.

In August 2022, after summer camp ended, the children were introduced to the library. All 120 children were present and met with the librarian, as she explained the procedure to borrow books. Judith talked about exciting new programs beginning in the near future. Once a week, each family group has a set time to come and borrow new books and return finished books. We see that they are really into it and take advantage of this opportunity. During Shavuot, Maya had each of the flats pick a book, research the author, and give a discussion and report in front of the group. It was a wonderful, lively evening and playful learning process for all.


We can proudly look at the progress of our children and teenagers due to the great commitment of our team as well as to our therapy programsremedial teaching and enriching leisure activities, which we could not implement without your support. We stepped-up our THERAPY PROGRAMS, especially the animal-assisted therapy, horseback riding and gardening which resulted in employing new staff.

We continue the STREETLIGHT activities to help benefit families in need in Kiryat Gat. Streetlight teaches the teens that they can help make a difference to others through Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam. The teens plan, fundraise, purchase and pack parcels of food supplies for the families in need. The Streetlight youth influence the younger children, who see how the teens are part of a larger group. Sticking together makes them stronger attaining so much satisfaction from their efforts. The younger children look forward to being part of that action and experiencing the rewards of giving. These teens grow into young leaders and goodwill ambassadors.

ZIV NEURIM is our special Path of the Sea project for 30 teenage boys and girls in need of intensive support in this phase of their teen development. The youngsters discover new worlds by swimming and rowing, surfing and sailing. Under the guidance of a skilled marine training team, and our social workers, Isheh and Michal, Ziv Neurim’s approach in its Path of the Sea program is based on strengthening teen self-image, building up their ability to cope with stressful situations, creating positive experiences and encouraging them to persevere and cope with obstacles.

We kicked off our new campaign:
The Playground Project!

Our year-end Hanukkah Campaign initiated our new 2023 fundraiser, the Playground Project – a place where they can play, climb, hide and seek, explore and learn, and of course have a lot of fun in a safe surrounding. 

Partner with American Friends of Neve Hanna

Your support helps Neve Hanna strive to meet all the physical, emotional, mental and educational needs of its children.

Let’s begin 2023 by strengthening our commitment to our family in Israel, the children of Neve Hanna.

On behalf of the American Friends of Neve Hanna, the Israeli staff and volunteers, we thank you, our valued partners for your continued financial support in recognition of our shared dedication to building a bright and successful future for the children of Neve Hanna.

Make an impact with your online donation.

If you prefer sending a check, mail it to: American Friends of Neve Hanna at PO Box 640685, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364-0685.

Questions – Contact our office at 347-836-8118 or

American Friends of Neve Hanna is grateful for all you do. Warm wishes to you for a Happy and Healthy New Year 2023.

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