Tikkun Olam Projects

Meaningful social action.

We would like to introduce you to Neve Hanna Children’s Home in Kiryat Gat, Israel, as your next Sisterhood Tikkun Olam project.

What is the Neve Hanna Children’s Home?

Neve Hanna Children’s Home in Kiryat Gat, Israel, for 50 years has provided a loving home for children who sadly have been scarred by poverty, abuse, parental mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction in the home. Neve Hanna is not an institution. In fact, it is recognized under the Masorti Movement as a Kehilla. Neve Hanna is a warm community that inspires growth. These at-risk youth come to Neve Hanna where their physical, emotional and educational needs are addressed. Neve Hanna Children’s Home gives the children individual therapy, remedial instruction and extensive enrichment leisure time programs. This nurturing, therapeutic environment gives the children the opportunity to heal, thrive and become responsible adults. Neve Hanna aims to instill in its children, a sense of self-worth and an attachment to Jewish Tradition and values.


Fundraising For American Friends of Neve Hanna

We have a few ideas, but we bet you have more.

1. Personal Fundraising Pages (PFPs): Use GoFundMe or Facebook or we can create a website page for you to help raise money for Neve Hanna Children’s Home through team or individual events.
2. Tzedakah Boxes: We can send you decorated TZEDAKAH boxes for the collection of change.
3. Organize a used book sale and donate the proceeds to the Neve Hanna Library.
4. Play Jewish Book Bingo and donate the funds to purchase books for the Neve Hanna Library.
5. Mezuza-thon: Decorate blank wooden mezuzot or make your own from clay. Create a Personal Fundraising Page and sell the mezuzot to friends and family.
6. Discuss Neve Hanna at your Passover Seder. Request donations and send them to American Friends of Neve Hanna. We have materials to help!
7. Have a Candy Sale and send the proceeds to American Friends of Neve Hanna.
8. Organize a “Neve Hanna Day” to raise money and social awareness. You can also arrange for a Parlor Meeting or presentation around Neve Hanna Children’s Home. We can deliver the presentation or provide you with the presentation materials.

Your TZEDAKAH/TIIKUN OLAM Project will help support any one of the following programs at Neve Hanna Children’s Home.

Buy a Book, Build a Library: The Neve Hanna Library fosters a love of reading, provides additional vocational training, instills interpersonal skills and inspires the pursuit of higher education.  Funds are needed to stock the shelves of their new library with additional books, purchase tablet computers and provide for a librarian.

Ziv Neurim: The Path of the Sea program works with 30 teenage boys and girls in need of intensive support in their development. Professionally guided group activities on the beach and in the sea are offered around topics such as perseverance, mastering challenges and personal willpower. 

Streetlight: The teens plan, fundraise, purchase and pack parcels of food supplies for families in need within the Kiryat Gat community. Streetlight operates by the motto: “The best thing in the world is to do good deeds for others.”

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program: Neve Hanna is affiliated with the Masorti Movement. It offers a traditional religious education where boys and girls have equal opportunities for learning and participation. The children have their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs during meaningful ceremonies at the Egalitarian Wall.

Donations to our programs are welcome with gratitude. AFNH is a 501C(3) tax exempt organization.

We would love to meet with you in person or through zoom to present Neve Hanna. We can supply informational materials to you and our press kit for your distribution.

Please partner with American Friends of Neve Hanna (AFNH) to help make a difference in the lives of our children.  We can be reached at our office, info@afnevehanna.org or 347-836-8118.

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